Full Version: Lazarus and GPIO
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Hello all!

While I'm quite an experienced programmer in certain regards, I've never dabbled in the world of SOC's, Linux IO.

My main programming environment is Delphi, and by extension Lazarus.

I have piddled with the Pi in the past, but, actually programming on it is atrocious as running Lazarus on it is slower than molasses uphill in January. I installed Lazarus on the Ubuntu image and it was reasonably quick and quite functional.

Now, the part that I'm really interested in is GPIO. There is a lot of stuff that I can use in Lazarus for GPIO on the Pi, but I don't know what to do with the Pine.

I'm afraid I'm not experienced enough to make my own Libraries/Units for GPIO on this.

Is anyone else working on this? I don't mind learning how this works so I can help write units.