wasp-os: MicroPython for PineTime!
Yep no problem I understand :-)

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Quick announcement of anyone who has a PineTime dev kit but hasn't used it because they haven't yet found the time to set up an SWD programmer.

Thanks to DaFlasher by Aaron Christophel I have been able to add a tool free install guide to the wasp-os documentation. It shows how to install wasp-os onto a developer edition PineTime (and other DaFit watches) using only an Android phone or tablet. No need for hookup wire, unlock sequences and little or no risk of zapping anything.

Chect it out: https://wasp-os.readthedocs.io/en/latest...bootloader

wasp-os is all about making writing applications easy (maybe even fun) and a tool-free install is a big step forward in making it easy to get started too.

As mentioned earlier in the thread, a similar tool-free wasp-os install guide for early adopter edition PineTimes (which will ship with mcuboot+JF002 as the factory test image) is still planned but that's not yet in the install guide at this point.
PineTime: wasp-os and MicroPython, Pinebook Pro:  Debian Bullseye
Thanks Daniel for the update :-)

JF and I have just sent Pine64 the preload firmware for FreeRTOS and MCUBoot Bootloader. The PineTime Factory will load them onto a new watch and mail to JF for testing. And if all goes well... Pine64 will be shipping the new firmware on PineTime :-)

In the meantime, I hear that Pine64 is experimenting with Pogo Pins on PineTime (check out the chatroom). We'll have to live with Pogo Pins for now :-)
Thanks to Panos we can now build wasp-os in the Cloud with GitHub Actions yay! :-)

Amazing work guys! Thank you for looking after the noobs!
Thanks.... We really need more noobs to sustain the PineTime Community

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I've successfully used that github action to build wasp-os. With my raspberry pi at hand (and my pinetimr using one of your old rust apps) I'm guessing I just need to use openocd-spi to flash a .hex file onto the watch?
That should do the trick. See also https://github.com/lupyuen/pinetime-updater for noob-friendly flashing. I think the 'Download from URL' option should work with the URL for the file built by the github action, but I haven't tried it yet.
Awesome. I'll give that a try when I can get a moment. Can't wait to get off the ground and strap this thing to my arm.

Edit: plugged all the wires in and then my raspberry pi got messed up and needs reflashing. Does anyone have that issue?
I assumed leaving the voltage wire till last would be a good way to avoid this

Edit #2: Well my Pi appears to be dead after my attempts to reflash Raspbian... Woops
Hmmm not sure why PineTime Updater would cause that to the Pi... Remember to connect/disconnect PineTime to Pi only when the Pi power is off.

I used to have a cheap MicroSD card in my Pi 4, it kept getting corrupted upon rebooting. After I switched to a better MicroSD card, I didn't get any more file corruption.

Also PineTime Updater doesn't work for downloading Artifacts from GitHub Actions by URL... Because the URLs require authentication. So we need to download the Artifact first, unzip, then flash the downloaded file.

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