PINE64 to allow use of SATA disk on network/FTP
(11-18-2019, 05:14 AM)mwelbourne Wrote: Right, thanks. So what advantages does a PINE64 or Rock have over a Raspberry Pi? I was recommended to check out PINE because I could connect the SATA to the board directly but this is not the case. But I'm still OK with going the PINE option if there are still other benefits.  What country do PINE/Rock products get posted from?  I think if I order stuff  directly from PINE then the postage costs might make it the more expensive option.

As I mentioned earlier in the thread, the Rockpro64 has a pci-e slot which you can plug in a dual sata card, and connect hdd's that way. The down side is more cost.

The Rpi4 which just came out is similar in price to the rp64, and they both run hot and need heatsinks and/or fans so they don't hit thermal limits etc. Older rpi's shared one USB port for all connections and the ethernet chip. Where as pine boards have gig-e that can actually do 1 Gbit. The r64 has a USB3 connector.

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