Pinebook Pro Initial Impressions
Just received my Pinebook Pro this morning and have been enjoying it a lot for the amount of time I've been using it. Running Fedora 33 off of a Micro SD card and have it configured very similarly to my desktop. This is going to be a great tool for me. Especially when I can put in a NVME drive and a carbon fiber skin on it.
Happy to report i received my P.B.P. about a week ago without any issues. It was ordered from amazon at a price point of $349.99CAD. The listing stated that it is a US/CA Keyboard and a Oct./2020 Model. ( )

Starting with the unboxing,
Was indeed a pleasant and lacklustre unboxing, All brown boxes, nicely packed into one another. The machine was in 100% mint condition, Not a single speck of dust anywhere. I've seen other posts that describe a very different experience, but luckily for me, this was not the case!

Boot up,
Everything booted up great, no issues whatsoever. THis is my first time using Manjaro, and ill be danmed, i love it. Normally i am not the biggest fan of KDE, but im really digging this distro!. A+ manjaro P.B.P team, hats off too you!

Known Issues,
I have tested almost every known issue i could find, and not a single one has been present in my P.B.P. I havent a clue why mine came so perfect, im thinking that after the covid/factory ordeal, they started bringing the systems into the states and quality checking them here before being shipped out on amazon, or i got mine from an amazon re-seller. No idea tho.
Even the battery charging issue has not been a problem at all, I mean, it charges really slowly when your using it, but thats to be expected with such a tiny little guy. Knock on wood it maintains the ability to charge and run when i install the SSD upgrade.

Will post updates over the next two months of how its going, But for now! I love it, and it works great! Sooo happy i made the purchase, and recommend it to anyone with the wanting to learn linux bug <3
*****5 Stars!

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