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(06-11-2020, 08:33 PM)vendion Wrote: Does anyone have any news about FreeBSD on the Pinebook Pro? I see that there are builds labeled for "PINEBOOK" at but I'm guessing those are for the regular Pinebook and not Pinebook Pro.

it's still the same state it was in a bit back. freebsd boots - but not with video support. Jared McNeill developed a display/video driver for NetBSD, OpenBSD ported this driver to their codebase. As it seems, all eyes are on the rPI currently as the 8GB model seems to have *some* issues, and people seem to be dead set on getting virtualization running on it as stably as possible, which i can relate to with a 8gb device. Apart from that, while the RockPro64 does work, there are some issues with the cpu clusters, which is a bigger issue from my point of view. All in all, there seems quite some work to do for the pbp and RK3399 to work reliable on FreeBSD.

I think I covered anything recently happening in the FreeBSD space concerning the pine community in general

edit: in terms of compatibility, there's no way around linux, as far as I see. NetBSD still crashes on me quite regularly, I cannot get OpenBSD running (i can't figure out, which u-boot they built against, so for me I can get either display or keyboard working, but not both xD )

I'm generally defaulting to voidlinux, if i need linux. It just feels about right as a BSD user.

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