Booting from eMMC
Anyone had some luck booting the official Armbian focal (20.04) images from an emmc?
I am following this guide: and it works great for SD cards.
(03-12-2020, 11:43 AM)IanJames Wrote:
(01-09-2018, 06:05 AM)erchache2000 Wrote:
(01-08-2018, 01:09 PM)saileshrajk Wrote: Hi,
I just received my Pine64-LTS version with 64GB eMMC. I am having major issues trying to boot from the emmc.
I have tried the following 

Downloaded the images from


jessie-minimal-pine64-0.7.19-118.img.xz and xenial-minimal-pine64-bspkernel-0.7.19-118.img.xz

1. I then wrote the image to SD card and booted the Pine, which is fine.
2. Followed the instruction to 

sudo ./ 0.7.19
sudo ./ 0.7.19
sudo ./ 0.7.19

3. executed sudo ./ xenial-minimal 0.7.19

4. Tried setting the following

5. removed the SD
6 booted with eMMC

I get nothing.

Does the boot take very long as compared to SD (i have left it for few hours)? I get nothing.
I have also tried to burn the above image directly to the emmc without any luck.

Is there something I am missing?


Did you try a reboot beetwen point 2 and 3?

2. Update SD
2.5 Reboot
3. Install to eMMC

I just bought an LTS with 32G eMMC.
I also bought the "USB adapter for eMMc Module" for $4.99
(It allows you to burn an eMMc on your desktop computer just like an SD card)
I burned my eMMc using this, then put eMMc in the LTS.
Booted first time.

Ian James

hello James,
i am having the same problem can you please explain how did you managed to get it booted. and were you using pinea64-lts board. what was the IC name on emmc module and what type of image you were using to program emmc module.

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