Battery Backup for media center.
(09-12-2016, 09:28 AM)Zone Wrote: The battery needs to charge through micro USB. I'm looking for a product that is the quickest/simple plug-and-play setup that is safe to use. I've read quite a few threads but there's a lot of different opinions and setups. Thoughts and links to products?

Please read through the following thread for connecting the Pine boards via 12v system.

I power my Pine boards via the euler bus pin(4  5v+)  and  pin(6 ground);  I feed this via 12v system utilizing the CPT (car power technology) dc-dc converter offered on the Pine store-- and other places.  The Pine then gets its power directly from the 12v system on your vehicle. 

Of course you will need to design the power-up and power-down circuitry and scripts. Notice from the thread above the passive low-pass filter that is used.  This is necessary not only because dc-dc converters are typically 'noisy' but also because automobile electrical systems are typically noisy also. 

Also be warned , there are two things your pine board is going to hate 1) heat,  2) electrostatic discharge--- and every automobile is famous for having both.  That will need to be considered in your design too.

The last piece (and perhaps the most important) your pine board is NOT a media center and does not work well (in any environment or OS) as a media center. YMMV of course!
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