Active Cooling 5v brushless fan with Motor Speed Controller soft PWM
Addendum:  Reported Issues with GPIO18, pin(12) on debian.

edit:  I have changed the default soft-pwm to GPIO23, pin(16).

   I helped a couple of individuals install RPi.GPIO-PineA64 via chat on today; in preparation to use the codes presented here.  One individual and I spent quite some time because his motor would spin up for about 3 seconds and then stop ( this of course has not happened to me, nor does it make any sense ).

   While I was on errand, the two of them worked together and determined that 'something' in debian is interferring with GPIO18, pin(12).  When they switched to pin(16) everything worked as designed. 

   The one individual I worked with was using the nte123ap NPN transistor (which is fine) and the fan provided with the C4Labs Zebra case for PineA64.  (just for documentation's sake)

   On the other hand, I must report that my debian and ubuntu images are not the latest image; neither one of them. All of my GPIO pins function as expected with the single exception of GPIO04, pin(7).  Also, I am using an earlier version of RPi.GPIO-PineA64 !

So, it appears that on the new image ( debian ) something may be adversely affecting GPIO18, pin(12) on the PI bus. I would be interested in knowing if anyone is experiencing this failure.  In any case, I want everyone to know that the particular pin you decide to use for soft-pwm is entirely arbitrary; pick the one you want.  If pin(12) does not work, then try another one and report your experience.  I suspect that this has more to do with the on-going development of RPi.GPIO-PineA64 !  You see, on the real Raspberry PI pin(12) GPIO18 is the hardware pwm channel (one of the two channels supporting pwm in hardware) and as the developer of RPi.GPIO-PineA64 gets further along in his port, he may chose to restrict pin(12) GPIO18 to his own soft-pwm... which means that channel would not be available any longer for use as general GPIO.

I plan to post a query on the github site to try and narrow this down a bit.

edit: important: I have changed the default soft-pwm in my codes to GPIO23, pin(16) to avoid conflicts.
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