Keyboard drawing only 0.1A from charger
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To get rid of the 0.1A issue, you need to shorten diode D1.

!!! Please do this only if you are used on handling electronics and soldering, if not, its better to visit a specialized electronics repair shop or ask someone who is used to do stuff like this !!!

For this you need to do following steps:

1.)  Open the keyboard case.
       Starting from the edge with the little notch, use your fingernails or a guitar plank.
      The clips behind the hinge are inaccessible so open that side as last.
   [Image: 178738504-d5b0ae82-8ecd-424a-a066-c49784605bbf.jpg]
[Image: 178738515-931aa709-4842-43d9-839e-0e7c40fb3443.jpg]

2.) When the case is open, unscrew the pcb and disconnect the power cables so there is no power on the PCB.

[Image: 178738527-1a0f0a20-db40-4897-a238-68c1de24f126.jpg]

3.) Spot the diode D1, see the red circle:

[Image: 178357368-d90f35fd-2e9a-4ce9-b50a-792b5aeb6d5e.jpg]

4.) Solder a tiny cable or thin electronic wire to bridge it, like this:

[Image: 178359390-c7ee920f-bea8-452b-9b2e-e1b3d52b9038.jpg]

make sure you really only bridge D1 and you do not touch anything else on the PCB with the soldering iron!

5.) Connect all the connectors back and reassemble the Keyboard.

6.) Test if everything is working as expected and post below if you have success and maybe also some tricks :-)

Thanks to all the people on the Pinephone chat and for the pictures shared by @megi and @Pak0st

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