Rock64 Debian 11 (Bullseye) install problem
Rockchip's 'u-boot' requires 16MB of free space at the top of the media for installation.
On the other hand, the 'partitioning-tools' included with 'debian-installer' does not take any of the above requirements into account.
As with a standard x86-PC, only 1MB of space is allocated at the top of the media.

Allocation of 'u-boot' space must be done intentionally by the user at the time of partitioning.

In short, unless you do something about it, you will end up with a partition allocation that has no space for the 'u-boot' installation.
If the 'u-boot' installation operation is performed on media configured as described above, the original data will of course be destroyed.

As an example, 'debian-installer' or 'Armbian' or 'Other-distribution' are all partitioned with the first 16MB of free space on the media.
We recommend that you compare this with the image you have created.

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