Google Chromecast and PinePhone?
How does one use a chromecast without getting Google involved?
I got one and tried to put a custom ROM onto it, but even with an unlocker loaded on an arduino I was unable to get the custom ROM uploaded.
Even then it seemed it needed to be involved with Google to get it to interface, though the custom ROM(android based if I recall) allowed hacking the scripting if required.
It seems that the chromecast, with the Google remote configuration method, brings the anti-privacy problems of a 'smart TV' in easily portable form.
I have no issue with a WiFi streaming video bridge but I want to have full and private control; no involving an outgoing connection to Samsung, Google, Facebook, Apple, Xiaomi, Huwai, or another company or government who wants to see what I am doing with my TV.
I have tried a USB-C - HDMI adapter and while Mobian is not really set up for dual monitors I am pretty sure it could be set up to mirror the phone screen with a little .conf file editing.

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