Google Chromecast and PinePhone?
The Chromecast dongle seems to be a solid hardware product with a WIFI connection to the streaming device, with many software options.

I had problems with a Galaxy S5, which I used for many years, and had it connected to a Bluetooth keyboard an mouse and to a HDMI monitor.

I found a HDMI to mini usb 2 adapter on Aliexpress with a second cable for additional power which worked fine for quiet a long time.

Then I bought another adapter, which the same configuration, but universal usb-plug. It had a micro chip installed which required the installation of an Android app to work. I installed the app, but it did not work.

The 3. trial was a Chromecast, which has a lot of software support, and worked over the Android app.

I am a bit sceptical about hdmi multi purpose adapters plugged into the micro usb connector:

If you are lucky, you find one, which works. But what if not? To test all the adapters through until you find one which works for you software and hardware setup?

I found this GITHUB project for the Chromecast dongle (Gnomecast):

I found this instruction here:

and there are others. The above showed that it is possible to install some Gnome extensions to stream music, video pictures to a Chromecast stick on a HDMI screen.

Whether this works for screen mirroring I don t know.

I did also a first test to install Waydroid on my PinePhone PostmarketOS, but failed. There I suppose it should be possible to install the Chromecast apps in the Google store, which there are several available.

All these options are time consuming, and probably options for Linux enthousiasts.

But before some tests all available micro-usb to HDMI to work with their specific software and hardware configuration, the chromecast might be an option to look at.

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