Armbian and LibreELEC and AltLinux for Quartz64
Libreelec Version 20220426. kernel 5.18-rc4 (rk356x)

Added support for different screen resolutions for rk356x.
ArmbianTV 20220428 with kernel 5.18-rc4 (edge) and 5.17.5 (current)
Libreelec 20220504. kernel 5.18-rc5
ArmbianTV 20220505 with kernel 5.18-rc5 (edge) and 5.17.5 (current)
AltLinux 20220505 kernel 5.17.5
no hdmi

kernel panics on rockchip usb2phy

memory speed is wrong
(05-12-2022, 12:33 PM)shaggy013 Wrote: no hdmi

kernel panics on rockchip usb2phy

memory speed is wrong

Show the UART log and the full name of the image version.

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(05-13-2022, 05:17 AM)shaggy013 Wrote: LibreELEC-ARMv8.aarch64-11.0-devel-20220512120655-8bd19d9-rk3566-quartz64a

Now I checked the LE image - everything works. HDMI is working, video decodes with HW. there is no kernel panic, what you see are service messages, if there was a kernel panic, you would not be able to output DMESNG. And the memory speed is also fine, it is more than enough for the system to work (including for software decoding of the 1440p format). Check your monitor so that it meets the operating conditions of the main core (1080p).
hdmi > lvds adapter no hdmi

so flashed again moved board to tv

sony 4k etc tv no hdmi

plugged in and out cable nothing

Samsung 1080 tv no hdmi

frokm hdmi 1 cable to hdmi xxx no hdmi

well the dmesg triggers the kernel panic and reboots the device
Ambian: newest build i cant mount SSD disk via USB 3.0, on 2.0 ports works pretty well. Also cleaning and creating partition doesnt work on 3.0 Sad

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