PinePhone Keyboard
Received the keyboard today. It is pretty neat. I am using it with the Pinephone running mobian. I shutdown Pinephone, inserted Pinephone into keyboard and then started mobian, Keyboard worked immediately.

The keys are too small for typing with 10 fingers. The most comfortable way to type is by holding the entire device in both hands and typing with two thumbs. I wish there was a shift key on the right side, but I will get used to the one shift key on the left. The absence of a speaker to place next to your ear when the case is closed for a phone call makes using it for phone calls with the case closed is a bit weird. Perhaps a solution is using a bluetooth phone headset.

I like that the hinge can be pushed way back so that the screen is nearly 180 degrees making it easy to see the screen while typing. I also like that the keyboard battery charges the phone. I like that the keyboard supports up, down, left, and right. I like the many key combinations for various characters ans symbols.

A lighted keyboard would be nice if it does not drain the battery much.

Note: A few key combinations do not register the correct symbol, which are the Fn 0 and Fn 2. Will have to figure out how to submit feedback.

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