Trying out a few distros and the new keyboard
(01-03-2022, 10:15 AM)ragreenburg Wrote: I would say the fastest one is Arch. The only differences between Arch and Manjaro for the PP is Manjaro comes with a different theme installed by default and a handful of extra programs. I think it is probably worth doing Arch just because it will save you between 2-3GB of storage. All that being said, the GPS on the PP is garbage, so navigation won't be easy, the browsing experience isn't great and things like Discord will need to be done in browser because they don't support the phone architecture for Linux. Also, I use Podcast Addict for my Android tablet and the best podcast listener for the PP is Kasts but it simply isn't on par with Podcast Addict in my opinion. Though it is much newer and will eventually get there.

I've been daily driving my PP for about 4 months now and I have basically adapted to not really navigating in real time or using the browser much unless needed because it just simply isn't great. So if you do try to daily drive just keep in mind that the phone is going to be significantly worse than your Android but also, after a while you get used to not constantly being on your phone like Android wants and you cut back on using it how you would with Android.

Lastly, Mobian has a great wiki so just go through there and add in the tweaks to make everything a bit smoother or easier.

Thank you, I'm aware that it will be worse than the android I have right now but I don't expect it to be too much of a problem. Still, good thing to mention for anyone new to the PP that's reading this. I've already been wanting to cut back on phone time so that'll certainly help. The thing though is I have ADHD, so having something with which to listen to podcasts during commutes or fiddle with in dead times is a must, and I believe that that will be covered.

Any tips on creating a multiboot sd card? I've seen megi's on here with all the distros but I think I want to start out trying Arch, PmOS and Mobian only so that one would be a little bloated.

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