Article: Build a Linux Driver for PineDio LoRa SX1262 USB Adapter
Here's how we build a LoRa SX1262 Driver for PineDio USB Adapter... And test it on Pinebook Pro

Build a Linux Driver for PineDio LoRa SX1262 USB Adapter
PineDio's SX1262 LoRa module is a great addition to any embedded Linux device. It allows you to send and receive data over long distances using the LoRaWAN protocol.

Linux is an excellent platform for developing IoT applications, but there are few well-documented examples of how to create a driver for the USB interface of this particular radio chipset. [url="][/url]
Anyone used this on a RaspberryPI ZeroW or regular PI? I would like to deploy MESHTASTIC on this USB stick with LINUX.
Does this only work on Pine64SBC? What the state on RaspberryPi or general linux machines?

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