Arch Linux ARM root filesystem
Thank you so much for this !
I've successfully migrated from Nadia's repos using your FAQ. I've only had to comment the
LABEL=BOOT_ALARM  /boot  vfat    defaults        0      0
line from /etc/fstab to boot properly.
(06-29-2021, 02:18 AM)SKiljan Wrote: If you want to donate money specifically for Arch Linux ARM on Pinebook Pro, see if there is something upstream for which it can help.

I made a donation to Arch Linux Arm:

Thanks again.
nice instruction with root luks
(06-20-2021, 10:53 AM)SKiljan Wrote: ... I decided to take up the torch. This new repository contains a root filesystem for installation and installation instructions:

Many thanks - easy to follow instructions, swapped the dtb in extlinux for rockpro64 and it runs, as far as I have played, flawlessly on my RockPro64.

Even better - booting from the SDcard both the eMMC & NVMe are visible which is really promising - something I have never achieved before with any kernel higher than 4.4 (tried Armbian, Manjaro etc - on any of those the boot hangs if the eMMC is present).

Still a lot of playing/learning to do but so far really likely to be able to swap to arch on my RockPro64: so far no problems with USB, Eth0, HDMI, eMMC & NVMe. Nothing too scary in the logs - still need to see if I have any sound, and probably benchmark the eMMC & NVMe. Could generate the pacman keyring fine and even update to the 5.13.1 kernel.

Thank you again
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  • PinePhone BraveHeart now v1.2b 3/32Gb, Tow-boot with Arch/Phosh on eMMC
(07-08-2021, 09:03 PM)josmo Wrote: nice instruction  with root luks

Thanks Smile
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Thanks for your work !

Sorry, but i might have a few stupid questions…
<edit>indeed they were ! I found plenty of good informations on your FAQ, in the arch style we like Wink I replace my old kernel with yours and everything works like a charm, so i updated with all your packages and it's fine. If i install a SSDNVMe drive one of these days i would also try tow-boot. I would try it before if there are good reasons you would give. Thanks for everything !<edit>

I run an ALARM distro on my pinebook-pro that i made more than a year ago from a manjaro system following the «arch way» : i think i created and mounted the desired partition and then pacman some packages from the alarm repo and the specific ones for the pbp from a repo that was called simulated-earth. Helas, this repo died very soon and i havent updated my kernel, neither u-boot for a year ! (I do have the bluetooth security bug…). I sometimes tried nadia's kernel but it breaks the usb-c hdmi output that works the whole time with this pretty old kernel. I'd like to try yours, and i was searching for the archive of the package but could not find it (just the PKGBUILD).

Do you host such a .tar file that i could pacman -U ? (i guess with a slight modification of the extlinux.conf file ?)
Or can you give the address of your repo that i could add to my pacman.conf ? (i could not find it too…)
<edit>ok, i have found it, i'm gonna try to install your kernel. Btw, what does the «post-install» package do, cause pacman wants to update mine from april 2020 with yours, but i fear that it could break something… ?<edit>

I always complain about the boot process of this ARM devices that i dont master at all and regret we cant chose different kernels at boot (so that i could try different ones…). Is this possible with tow-boot ? I have seen you maintain both a u-boot PKGBUILD and a tow-boot one. If i could install your packages, would i just have to dd the right files to the right places or would it be more complicated ?

Bref, i'd like to migrate to your solution but i fear to break everything that work pretty well so far…
<edit>Sorry, many informations where in your GIT FAQ…<edit>

(In the meantime, i could try your image on an SDcard…)

Thanks again for your work, and, I hope, for your answer Wink
Thanks a lot for all your hard work!  Smile

I just got EndeavourOS ARM loaded up on my Pinebook (SD card for a first test), and so far everything works great. 

I set it up with f2fs instead of ext4 and it worked without a hitch.  Performance is noticeably better than my Manjaro install (ext4). From the install instructions, I just replaced

mkfs.ext4 -L ROOT_ALARM /dev/mmcblk2p2


mkfs.f2fs -l ROOT_ALARM -O extra_attr,inode_checksum,sb_checksum /dev/mmcblk2p2

(the additional options are recommended on the arch wiki)

has your GPG key for the archlinuxarm-pbp repo changed ?

I've been getting GPGME errors for a couple of weeks.

pacman-key --populate reports that the gpg file is missing.
I was using Nadia's u-boot build before, but this TowBoot thing seems to werk pretty good, too!
(09-10-2021, 12:35 AM)flyingscorpio Wrote: Hi,

has your GPG key for the archlinuxarm-pbp repo changed ?

I've been getting GPGME errors for a couple of weeks.

pacman-key --populate reports that the gpg file is missing.

No issues here. Is it possible time is configured incorrectly on your system?

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