Maintained Linux booting from eMMC
Hi ootoovak,
   I had the same problem : was using ayufan but I had some difficulties to enable the br_netfilter to work with docker. Now I am using the new Armbian with Focal and sometime Buster ( I have several Rockpro64 boards) with :
- emmc
- nvme
- sd (for tests)

and it is working well

but I do not use GUI with the emmc but only with the nvme (now the prices are now very close and even cheaper per GB). My usage is mainly for apps dev (web, navigation, visual code, docker, kubernetes ...) this is not a high expectation/resource demanding usage 

You eventually could try twister OS whose maintainer is very active in this forum (I have not tried yet this OS).

I also suppose that the OS available on the pineBook pro laptop is also compatible with Rockpro (should ask in pinebook forum).

It is true that it is frustrating not to have all ported in arn64 in general and for rockpro64 specifically concerning drivers.

Installing Armbian in emmc is straighforward. You can easily configure with armbian-config command. The GUI is rather usual.

If you have some difficulties do no hesitate to post a message.

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