The state of mainline hardware decoding

Seems there is a little light for those who have the rk3328?

In my case I have Rock64, abandoned, because for what I need to achieve, does not work. Which is, hwaccel for decoding and encoding.

What is not clear for me after read al this info: does decoding/encoding works with mainline kernel? (lets say, 5.13) or there is some progress about that subject? I insist yet with this board because is the only ARM one I have, and the only I will have like forever, since everything is way expensive right now in my country (Argentina) and I can't afford for a better board.

I've bought this board because Pine64 website specs about Rock64 said that supporst hwaccel (which even with legacy kernel, does not work right and the board crash all the time).

So, I have this board and plus a UVC USB camera module (Arducam, with night vision, IR-Cut, etc) because I wanted to develop a Smart IP Doorbell... but seems is likely impossible so far, because of this main problem.

What a shame... Sad

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