Can't get Mobian on PinePhone to recognise USB-C docking bar
There is a usbc mod on youtube that 'unlocks' the port. It's called "usb-c fix on the pinephone". All you do is heat 2 small pieces while tweezing them off. The hard part is taking it apart and putting it back together. I haven't even tested mine yet. The youtube video references ubports but supposedly there is no software fix at all so if mine balks I'll probably do it if it can't be replaced with one that works. The video is less than 6m and it's very detailed so looks rather easy. I already own a soldering iron like the one pinephone makes and they are cheap.

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RE: Can't get Mobian on PinePhone to recognise USB-C docking bar - by Avatars - 05-11-2021, 05:39 AM

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