Networking unstable on PineCube with Armbian?
Hello all,

For a client project I have obtained two PineCube units and have tried to set them up with Armbian, but regardless of the SBC I see the same issue. After starting a download of a larger (multiple MB) file from a HTTPS server (Git repository), the system becomes unresponsive and has to be hard reset.

* I used two different PineCube units.
* I used a known good SD card (pulled from a working Raspberry Pi 3B system).
* I used different USB cables and chargers (also used with Raspberry Pi & Odroid systems previously).
* I used Ethernet and WiFi (separately) with identical results.
* I used the Focal Armbian version, then the Buster version, with identical results.

Does anyone have stable Ethernet/WiFi on PineCube with Armbian, or is this considered to be an unstable feature? The PineCube wiki seems to hint at this being still experimental.

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Networking unstable on PineCube with Armbian? - by hackkitten - 03-14-2021, 06:02 AM

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