refined proposals for pinephone. two options or both
refined proposals for pinephone. two options or both:

option a: slightly better pinephone, only slightly

high priority:
wifi ac, particularly 5GHz
full hd display, and maybe slightly bigger like, 2304x1152
bigger battery, maybe around 5000mAh, which increases price and size.

medium priority:
more ram, 4gb ram
64gb internal memory

low priority:
better cpu

option b: pinetablet
which is comparable to pinebook pro and is physically bigger in size. still having modem in it and possibility to carry calls, although "earphones" may not be crucial. pricetag would be around 300 us$.

edit: by "earphone" i meant calling using ear speaker, related to ear screenlock. headphone calling should be available in possible pinephablet.
Quite frankly, very few of the proposed hardware upgrades are actually viable, unfortunately.  Maybe we could get better WiFi or larger eMMC, but only maybe.  If you want, I can elaborate, but please read this thread first.
previous link's discussion revolves around better cpu (and gpu), something which i think it's not important at all.

because some compromises with price have to be made, maybe only thing which can be proposed is "wifi ac 5GHz", which may not require big board replanning. i get why pinephone is low on specs but still wifi n and no wifi ac.

although, alternate way is to create pinephablet, which has those minor improvements.
It is kind of surprising that there is no 5GHz wifi included since that's a mature, inexpensive technology at this point. That really would be the only thing hardware-wise on Pinephone my wish list. Fortunately most places still provide the legacy 2.4GHz connectivity and that's fast enough for anything I'm likely to be doing. At one point I tried a dual-band USB wifi adapter plugged into the dock but it didn't work, possibly due to lack of a binary-blob driver.

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