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(09-07-2021, 08:11 AM)CounterPillow Wrote: I hope this suffices to convince you that there isn't some conspiracy, but that high consumer demand is genuinely putting a strain on supply chains.

I didn't say it's some conspiracy, I just said I can't see any chip shortage when going to real life stores, both electronics or not.
Wherever I go, supply seems to be just as available as last year or 2 years go.

Who knows?
Maybe we didn't get affected by it as much in comparison?
Maybe closing the international borders to tourism prevented it?
No way of verifying it.
Also, I wouldn't really trust British Brainwashing Corporation as a reliable source to anything.
In the end, best source of information is regular citizens on the ground actually showing photo, video, or better: live stream evidence.
Quick reminder that this is a thread related to Q64 chats .... not component shortages.
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