new pinebook help
(12-16-2020, 06:48 PM)ron_burgundy Wrote: Tophneal,

Thank you. The dd method worked.

I am not sure if the way I did it was optimal. I flashed the os I wanted to a usb drive.  Booted from sd card and used dd to copy image from usb drive to the emmc. Worked out nicely.

For future reference, can I boot from the sd card and use dd to copy the image from the sd itself to emmc?

Anyway thanks for the help. I cannot get the pine 64 installer to work at all and thought I was doomed. For some reason it will finally download the OS, and when it goes to flash it gives me a rediculously huge error. Has anyone heard of this type of issue before?

That's probably the best way to do it.

Generally it's discouraged to copy/clone drives you're booted from. It introduces more opportunities for failure.

I would forego the use of the Pine64 Installer app. It's pretty outdated by now. Grab Etcher instead (the Installer app is based on it anyway.) Then when you download an img you want to write to emmc, you can do what you did: write it to SD and copy the file onto a USB to write from the booted SD.

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