Beta support: MMS on chatty/mmsd on Modem Manager - help/testing wanted!
(01-15-2021, 02:46 PM)Rey Wrote:
(01-15-2021, 02:21 PM)kop316 Wrote: With the help of Mr. Sadiq of Purism, I have made a bit of progress on getting chats to work on chatty. This is a WIP branch to help me figure out how to properly add chats and buddies onto purple-mm-sms:

The good news, if you use this, the chat not only shows up, but you can click on it and it opens! The bad news is, when you close it, the chat disappears until you get sent a new SMS. I think it's because something is wrong with adding it to the account, but I am not sure.

Once I can figure out why the chat disappears when I close it, I can work to integrate this into purple-mm-sms, which has most of the hooks for both sending and recieving group MMS.

Just so I am clear, purple-mm-sms is updated and I should install the updated using the link above?

I have Chatty built from source and can provide the debug logs. Oddity, when I restart Chatty from the cli I watch mmsd process a new request, when I run an md5sum on the file it is the same as the previous file it downloaded into the /home/manjaro/.mms/ folder. So it appears it keeps downloading the same file as the md5sums match for everyone that is downloaded.

I try to keep the main tree of purple-mm-sms in a usable state (the mmsd) tree. But the tree there is NOT one you want to try unless you are trying to help fix the chats issue.

As to your second paragraph, I am not sure what's happening? Maybe a log would help me understand.
Hello All,

I believe I alluded to this before, but in case not: in talking to Mr. Sadiq of Purism, purple-mm-sms is going to get absorbed into mm-account for chatty:

The primary motivation behind this is to help get around the limitations of the libpurple APIs (of which I have been having troubles with myself). The good news is he is saying that sooner than later, chatty will be usable for MMS!

But also as a consequence, it doesn't really make sense for me to develop for purple-mm-sms much anymore (unless what I work on here directly also benefits Chatty development too), and future development work will go more directly into chatty and mmsd. I have learned in purple-mm-sms how to send and recieve MMS, and many of my problems with purple-mm-sms development primarily stem from the limitatiions in the libpurple API, not in MMS development. I will leave up what I have, but please don't expect much more development from me in the standalone purple-mm-sms (unless what I work on directly also benefits Chatty development too). The good news is 80-90% of what is in purple-mm-sms will be ported over to chatty, and if there is work on purple-mm-sms, it will benefit chatty too!

mmsd will still be standalone, and will still be worked on too.

I say this in the interest of being transparent to folks watching this. Although it means that there won't be much progress in purple-mm-sms for a bit, the benefit is that MMS will be much more functional in Chatty sooner than later! When I have something usable for chatty, like purple-mm-sms, I intend to post it here, and have a way for folks to test/help with it.
I am on the hunt to fix a few of the outstanding mmsd issues.
  • I fixed an annoying issue with mmsd on its dates. I mmsd closes/the system is restarted, mmsd forgot the dates of the MMS and reports them all at the start of epoch time. That bug was fixed!
  • Also, someone reported that they could get MMS with an IP only proxy, but the issue was on the purple-mm-sms side. Some testing to figure this out would be welcome!
That leaves one annoying mmsd issue that I intend on solving this week (dbus not updating)
Well it seems like today has been a really good day bug hunting within mmsd. I have been able to solve every bug that I can reliably reproduce, making mmsd much more stable for usage.

The one outstanding issue is whether mmsd works with MMS proxies that are IP addresses only. I have had someone test this issue on AT&T (change the domain to the IP address manually), and they reported success with mmsd, but said there may be an purple-mm-sms issue.

However, in either case, I unfortunately cannot test this issue. If someone can hunt down this issue (and find a fix, or show me where the fix needs to go), I would greatly appreciate it.

EDIT: so there is another outstanding issue, and that deals with suspending the actual modem. I see where it needs to go, but I can work on it later/tomorrow.

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