PineCube as a Satellite Smart Speaker
Hi! Several prominent community contributors to the Mycroft project (lemme just toot my own horn) are working on a project that does just this. It's a superset of Mycroft called HiveMind.

It's in its infancy, to the extent that it's hardly usable, but it *will* bring Mycroft to several PinePhone distros and, by extension, other Pine devices. Indeed, the thinnest client can connect to your Mycroft instance from a Pi0. Right now, if you're a reasonably competent Linux user, you can almost certainly get a client set up on your device and hook it up to Mycroft on your computer. However, after you do that, you can only use what I'm calling "single-utterance" intents at the moment, because it can't yet ask follow-up questions or issue instructions to the device.

All of that's coming.

If you're interested in helping us along and acting as a guinea pig, you can find us in Mycroft's Mattermost server, in a channel labeled HiveMind. I cannot emphasize enough how low your expectations should be if you go there now. Your expectations for the future should be higher. We're led by the Mycroft community's most prolific dev. He's a deity around those parts.

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