Booting Windows on bare-metal rk3399 SBC (no linux involved)
Though I'm not using a Pinebook Pro, but I find it appropriate to get it posted here. Smile
Currently very ugly workaround is used, and I need to continue experimenting with ACPI tables to get it boot *into* the OS.
[Image: 48cd22dfae0823821e6f99663e3d6bd5-full.jpg]
[Image: 80cb0b4fe8b8295f5823360a67f6e3ac-full.jpg]
Fixed image link:
[Image: 66855858ff9e1800.jpg]

[Image: -620f87d82360092b.jpg]
Nice initiative you got there, I'd really like to see that becoming a reality just so we can use the great x86/x64 emu...
It boots now!
Framebuffer is a bit broken
[Image: 1b0273a12c1547aa.jpg]
Nice! Following
Nice, having PE working is already kinda unexpected for me, curious to see how a full install will behave...
Big Grin 
If someone would like to help testing or solving some problems,
How about Windows 10X? Smile
Has there been any progress on this?
(05-25-2022, 09:24 PM)nixcamic Wrote: Has there been any progress on this?

Well, I'm currently waiting for my rk3588 board.

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