Flashing an SD card using Pinebook Pro? Konsole?
I recently discovered bmaptool (mentioned by wibble) and I like it over dd, mainly for what the Mobian wiki indicates about it:

the Mobian wiki Wrote:bmaptool is a comfortable means to flash your image. It handles sparse files, so it can be considerably faster than plain dd. It also handles both .bmap and .gz files and can dowload them directly from an URL.


bmaptool may not be installed by default on your Pinebook Pro's OS, but it is almost certainly in its repositories. I use Ubuntu 18.04 on my PC and I installed it from its repos.

I have found that by default, bmaptool looks for an accompanying *.bmap file; if it doesn't find one, it will throw an error. Apart from the Mobian project, I haven't seen other distros providing them. To use bmaptool without a bmap file, you need to add the --nobmap option.

sudo bmaptool copy --nobmap imagefile.img.xz /dev/mmcblkX

Hope this helps.

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