Troubleshooting RockPro64 + Roshambo case SSD problems
I recently purchased a RockPro64 & Roshambo case, and I installed Batocera Linux on it and enabled the case, everything seems to work but the RoshamboPro kit seems to have a problem when inserting the SSD on the board. 

When I insert the SSD into the board, the unit behaves erratically, some of the behaviors I have witnessed include USB panel in front of the unit stops responding, fan stops, SSD is recognized momentarily, top buttons (Power/Reset) stop working and sometimes the LED 706 inside the unit will blink. After removing the SSD, the system behaves normally.
I have rules out a problem with the SSD (It works fine when connecting to other machine) or with the RockPro64 USB3 (when I connect the SSD directly outside the case, it works), but I don't know if it is a problem with the cable connecting the RockPro64 to the board or the Roshambo board itself.

Anyone has experienced similar issues? Any known workaround? 


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