Remove activity manager bar on right side of screen - plasma kde
There is a black transparent bar on the side of the screen that I cannot figure out how to close. It is transparent and is related to the activity manager. I do not want this to stay open since I can't work with this over top of stuff.

How can I close this? The icons on it have no affect on anything.

PS - I can I  use the highlighter in Okular? I wanted to mark the area in question of my image but could not figure out how. The highlighter was added to the annotation tools.    
Mine has an X (exit icon) across the top, weird, it's like there is no border/decoration on that window.

If you right click on your bottom panel and choose edit panel you may be able to toggle Activities window's visibility on the small, screen edge menu with the "Activities" option.

Another option is to switch themes and choose to accept the settings of the new theme.


The 'pine+tab' keystroke launches that window and I have to click on the window and press the 'esc' key to close it.
I removed it, so I know that it can be done. But sadly I can't for the life of me recall how to do it.
Hmm went away with reboot. Not sure that the issue is solved but I'll mark it as such anyway.

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