Lets create the PineCom
You could discuss these things without bringing up your political goals. And let's face it: I'm not saying this to insult you, take it at face value; what you are describing are, by definition, insurgents. Not legal anywhere, as far as I know. Yes, apparently welcome in some places, but truly contrary to the law.

I'm not trying to be political. But it's not right to support those who break the law and cause disorder. What if you said you were smugglers? Or drug dealers? Or Mafiosos? Would that not be the same?

For my 2 cents worth.

4 to 5 inch screen
Rear facing camera only
Switches to turn off all components not required.
Easily removable battery.

I like the idea.
New ideas are what keep us evolving.

Keep up the great work Team Pine.
(10-09-2020, 06:13 PM)Luke Wrote: Hello everyone,

We’ll soon be starting work on the PineCom - a privacy-oriented handheld communicator that shares the PinePhone’s pedigree but offers a distinct and different feature set. We hope to achieve a high degree of software compatibility between the two devices - indeed, we expect the PineCom to run all existing PinePhone OS images out-of-the-box. Unlike the PinePhone however, the PineCom will not feature a modem but rather rely on WiFi, IoT LoRa and LoRaWan for communications. The device will also be smaller at (5” LCD panel or less), and will not feature a USB-C alt mode for video output. 

Everything else is still up in the air at this point, and we therefore invite you to brainstorm ideas with us regarding the remaining design features of the PineCom. More specifically, we’d like to know your opinion on the following:

  1. Do we need both a front and back camera on the PineCom? In fact, do we need any cameras at all? 
  2. Should we bring over all sensors present on the PinePhone? If so, which do you think we can do without?
  3. Should we use the same single band/11n/BT4 WiFi module in the PinePhone (for compatibility sake) or change it out for a dual band/11ac/BT5?
  4. Should the device feature a GPS (and compass) or are those features redundant in this type of device? 
  5. Should we include SPI flash?
  6. We are currently considering following the PinePhone’s general design and aesthetic for the PineCom, but if there is some sort of physical (within reason - also financially) that you think would fit this type of device well then make sure to let us know.  
  7. We’re currently thinking of using a 5” LCD panel for the PineCom; what do you think about this - is there a reason to go bigger or smaller? 
We are completely open to any and all suggestions at this point. That said, we’d appreciate it if you’d keep in mind that the targeted price range for this device is $99-149 when offering your insight. 

As always, thank you for your feedback! 
Just a few very quick suggestions on the PineCom.:
The first item, 'Do we need both a front and back camera...'  If the PineCom will be using or will be adaptable to any MESH type WiFi network, recruit some amateur radio operators that are interested in amateur, or Ham, MESH for emergency service support.  For the cameras, the dual cameras could be useful in that the front camera could show the operator at that location and the back camera could show the current conditions in that event or emergency (fire, flood, earthquake, blizzard, etc.) and let the emergency management leadership in charge actually SEE what others might be trying to say about that event.
A GPS that is not wifi or modem dependent would be of interest to me, 

However it seems the current Pine phone software relies on internet 'connected'  maps.

So different software using downloaded maps,  like the 'receive only'  GPS units use already.
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