Pinebook to Pinebook Pro-esque upgrade kit
Thank you for all these replies!  Since the thread is so long now, I will summarize:

Luke on Wrote:Third on my list of shortcomings is our failure to deliver the OG Pinebook-to-Pinebook Pro-like upgrade kit. In the end we were never able to overcome thermal management issues with the RK3399 in the plastic enclosures of the 11.6” and 14” OG Pinebooks. It also turned out that flashing the keyboard firmware, allowing the chassis to seemingly work with the Pinebook Pro mainboard, sadly isn’t a completely straight-forward process. I personally tried a number of times and never got it to work. Following these obstacles we reallocated the available time to deal with other issues we faced this year. We may come back to this topic at some point in 2021, but I can no longer promise a pro-like upgrade kit will be available for the OG Pinebook. Sorry.

Pinebook owner and forum user leperotero also provided a good summary in their post: Pinebook Users are a nobody.

Going forward, there are very few solutions.  Here are a couple:

1. I understand that because Luke could not find a thermal solution that could be sold as a kit, not many folks are going to get an upgrade kit.  So, let me be the first to claim this specific one:
[Image: PBPro-UpgradeKit1.jpg]

DM me for my shipping address, Luke.  Please note that I already have a 1080p Pinebook, so not everything in the photograph is needed on this end, but I'll take whatever you send.

I'll post pictures of the piece of aluminum I use as heatsink.  It won't be pretty, but it will fit well with my gutterpunk-hacker aesthetic.  DIY!

2. A discount on a Pinebook Pro could be a worthy substitute?  I know that the $100 I sent Pine64 so long ago arrived at a critical time in the company's life--I'm glad it helped so much!  I do wish I had some functional device to help me remember my contribution.

Quite sincerely,

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