Suggestions for PINE Store improvements
(07-20-2020, 11:45 AM)SpoofyKid Wrote: You're right. I didn't realise it was different for certain countries. I would think that's a PayPal thing, not a Pine64 thing. Maybe Nederland puts that requirement on them?
(07-20-2020, 11:59 AM)bcnaz Wrote: ....  something to do with the government laws placed on PayPal
    PayPal does not deliberately try to make it harder to order,  I saw a post months ago with a description explaining this.

But otoh, I'm reasonably sure there are quite a few people that don't like sharing (even as guest) their private data with Paypal & Co. For some of those, the Pinephone is just too tempting to let Paypal ruin the party...
So, actually, the suggestion for PINE store improvement should read: please offer alternative (less intrusive) payment method(s) besides Paypal.
....  Maybe just me,  but,  PayPal seems to me the most secure in my humble opinion.  **    (  unless you have a way to directly hand the merchant cash ? )
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While the store globally looks good on my phone, it could improve on the specification sheet which does not fit the width of my screen (540px). As there is not even a horizontal scroll bar the text can only be read by placing the phone in landscape mode. Please see attached screenshot taken on the recent Firefox 68.10.1esr (Fennec F-Droid).

.png   Screenshot_20200722-232729.png (Size: 85.99 KB / Downloads: 16)

This is also visible on Firefox desktop in "Responsive Design Mode" from the Developer Tools with a width of 540px.

@fire219  I think you are the one I should mention.

Best regards

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