Unresolved issues with rk3399 UART and PBP adapter voltage
(02-20-2020, 01:49 AM)vrabac Wrote: That was purpose I purchased UART-earphone jack adapter from pine64 store to be able to debug my PBP. Now can this be clarified if this jack adapter can be safe used?
it's not safe (unless you are able and wish to do trickery like described in this article). it has 5V on IO lines, while UART pins going to the SoC, need 3.0V. note, - not even 3.3V. the problem has been reported several times, here is a prominent example but, yeah, it is still not answered, that's why the thread.

(02-19-2020, 08:24 PM)Der Geist der Maschine Wrote: Both sides moved on in life and work now on new projects.
with the same rk3399 SoC and its 3.0V UARTs and 5V adapter? Big Grin I hope your answer was sarcasm. If this adapter is intended for using with Pinephone, Pinetab, it can f&ck them up too.

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