Installing the latest kernel (Debian Stretch) + configuring the bootloader?

Does anyone have any idea how exactly to go about this procedure? I mean, I managed to build kernel 4.15.5 from the vanilla sources, and I'm aware of what I'd do next on an x86-64 machine (make a .deb package, install it)...but, and this is the part that throws me for a loop, I'd normally just run update grub and reboot. I've looked in the /boot partition, and I'm feeling the process might be a little more complex here...I see a label for kernel-4.4 in extlinux.conf, but nothing immediately in the way of tools for adding to this file a new image...

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Installing the latest kernel (Debian Stretch) + configuring the bootloader? - by - 02-24-2018, 06:38 PM

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