No HDMI Display need help with correct uEnv.txt settings
I am trying Ayufan's latest minimal xenial image for pine64

It is booting and I can ssh to the board.  All seems fine except I can't get the HDMI port to function.

It is connected to my standard monitor which supports 1080p

Here is the only defaults (comments) I changed.  I've fiddled some with these but nothing not even a hint of communication with my monitor (like a flicker).
I am assuming my issue is just getting these settings correct?  Are there maybe other things I must do to get HDMI working?

# To enable LCD or HDMI, if not changed it will use default (experimental)
#disp_screen0=lcd or hdmi
# disp_mode=screen0 or screen1 or dualhead or xinerama or clone or disabled

# USB OTG port mode (experimental)
# otg_mode=device or host or otg

# Configure contiguous memory allocation
# This maybe required to be enlarged for 4K displays

# To change HDMI display mode:
# hdmi_mode=480i
# hdmi_mode=576i
# hdmi_mode=480p
# hdmi_mode=576p
# hdmi_mode=720p50
# hdmi_mode=720p60
# hdmi_mode=1080i50
# hdmi_mode=1080i60
# hdmi_mode=1080p24
# hdmi_mode=1080p50
# hdmi_mode=2160p30
# hdmi_mode=2160p25
# hdmi_mode=2160p24
# hdmi_mode=800x480p
# hdmi_mode=1024x600p

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