May dietpi save Pine64 ; watch youtube via chromium
(03-09-2017, 02:52 PM)martinayotte Wrote: More "standard way" to create swap files is :

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=/path/to/swapfile bs=1M count=512 # For 512MB swap file
$ mkswap /path/to/swapfile
$ swapon /path/to/swapfile

"free" command will shows both real memory and swap.
Thank you, martinayotte.  I suppose the DietPi devs had some sort of reason to go the other route.

In the course of trying to watch youtube videos, I notice that if I let them load while I put them on pause some (at least) will actually play normally (no stop-and-go/buffer catchup) eventually.  I'm still trying to figure out how the OP did it.

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