Satellite Communications on Pinephone(beat Apple!)
I just saw this, apple is going to have what looks to be a globalstar(for the size etc I suspect it is the L-band slow data uplink monoplex service), you apparently need to aim as there is no way to get a good gain on-band antenna inside a skinny phone
We could easily beat them by releasing even a limited run exposition prototype with a globalstar $100 data module integrated into a Pinephone back cover using the pogo pins.
Maybe this is is the TU-144 vs the Concord thinking but we could and should beat them, SPOT messenger has been around for maybe ten years already, this is not new ground except integrating with a mobile phone.
I suppose it is the cool factor and being better than crap brands but I cant watch apple be the only one selling satcom on their phones.
Someone get one of these and a pogo pin ribbon and post it on
they are still available just not direct from globalstar.

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Satellite Communications on Pinephone(beat Apple!) - by biketool - 09-07-2022, 02:23 PM

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