PP Keyboard question
Hi All,

The battery on my PP keyboard is recognized by Mobian as a power source in Settings --> Power on my PP (not pro edition); however, there five (5) power sources are listed, which are: unlabeled (Discharging), Main (0%), Extra (0%), Extra (0%), Extra (70%).

The button on the right side of the keyboard does not activate/deactivate charging status. Does not work when I do a double press or a long press.

Note: I can use the keyboard for typing.

I have never used the usb-c port on the PP to charge the PP while it was in the PP keyboard, so this isn't the cause. I wonder if a possible cause is a software update (I use mobian).

The PP keyboard battery did charge the PP battery when I first received it, but stopped recently, which is when I noticed it not working. I don't know when this issue first began because I only plug in the keyboard for testing progress of optimizing the operating system power consumption/compatibility with the PP keyboard. When the PP keyboard battery was working with PP, the PP keyboard battery increased the duration of use of the PP by about 50%, hoped it would be more.

Wondering if others have experienced similar issue.

Thanks in advance for any helpful information.

Stay well.

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