MRAA Rock64 support
(07-06-2022, 07:52 AM)jbize Wrote:
(07-03-2022, 10:09 AM)jbize Wrote: I'm running Debian 11 (currently and temporarily Armium) and I need MRAA.  Unfortunately, I can't find Rock64 support in MRAA anywhere.

Someone else must be using MRAA on Rock64, can someone tell me how to get it?

If necessary, I can fork debian/mraa and add rock64 support, but to do that, I'd need all the relevant information. 

Worst case I hope would be copying a supported product.

Best case would be finding a deb repository.

Unable to find it anywhere else, I forked eclipse/mraa and added rock64 support.

I'd like to know why no one else is using MRAA on the Rock64.  Has it fallen out of favor?

If you are running Armbian, perhaps you should become a member of its community? Perhaps just to say thanks? They are responsbile for largest part of software support and for complete maintanace. It costs tens thausdands of dollars per board per year and AFAIK vendor does not support that. When Armbian supports stops, support starts to break down and then you only have Debian, you wish to have ... Where you have to fix all problems on your own. And believe me, there are many of them. Just last week Armbian lost a week of work on fixing USB3 that was broken by some usptream changes. This is happening all the time. 

Why MRAA is not working OOB ? No idea. Armbian community might know. But before asking, use existing knowledge. This is a very old hardware ...

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