PPP no longer boots
(05-13-2022, 06:55 AM)Chief Wrote:
(05-12-2022, 10:27 PM)MadameMalady Wrote:
(05-12-2022, 09:55 PM)Chief Wrote: I just did one last attempt #4 after writing this post and  ... it booted when plugged into laptop. (?)
I did this before and no luck but I also noted battery 3% critically low. When this fiasco started it was 65%.
I was able to install tow-boot to spi and all appears well at his moment. I swapped batteries with my other pinephone
and both charging at this moment. All I'm left with now is a busted sim card slot. later for that.
Adios folks.

So, if you have Tow-Boot on spi, and the phone charges, you're still a-okay.
Charge battery.
Turn off phone
put battery in.
hold power + volume up. when it vibrates release power and keep holding volume up.
once the light is blue, plug into computer.
open disks.
format the emmc of the phone (it's the 124 gb option)
open Balena Etcher.
flash the latest image for the pinephone pro of your favorite release.
enjoy your device.
Hi ... yes I was able to recover the device. I was trying to plug into laptop but no luck.

Last attempt #4 I plugged into my Zotac and then it buzzed and started. I was able to complete
Arch install and first boot. That's when I noticed that my 65% charge was quite suddenly 3%.
That could explain things too.
All good.
Glad to hear it ^^
Battery reliability is still an issue for some OS creators to iron out, but it is slowly getting better.
For now, until we have a year or two of work on the Pro's images, i'd recommend keeping your battery charged and taking
it out when you go to sleep so it doesn't deplete while you rest.
If it goes to 0% your only way to charge will be to take back of phone, remove battery,
wait for it to vibrate twice, and put the battery back in to trickle-charge for a few hours (at least this was the case as of writing this).
Tow-Boot + wake-from-sleep is starting to get a lot better recently.

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