soquartz - ssh available?
Serial out (UART) should work. Make sure you use it at 1.5mbauds (1500000 bauds) and at 3.3v. By default, the image boots into a busybox recovery environment I believe, but there is a Debian installer option right below it which you can select over serial.

HDMI out isn't a thing our u-boot does yet so unfortunately that won't work for seeing and interacting with the installer.

A usual tactic if UART doesn't work is to ensure that the ground pin is connected, and then swap the TX and RX pins around. Sometimes things aren't labelled correctly, and it's easier to just try swapping RX and TX than to figure it out.

Once you have UART connected as it should be, hit the reset button to get into u-boot. It should show you a list of boot options after some initial output.

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