Pine64 as wireless audio device
There are lots of ways to do this. Easiest being, I suppose, a USB DAC -> amp (do they make integrated ones?) -> speaker(s). But then you have the issue of controlling the amp volume (unless it's integrated, maybe).

So what I like is a HAT, something like a HiFiBerry AMP, which includes the DAC and AMP, together. Advantage is, software (remote) control of the amp volume. Disadvantage is that these sort of devices mostly come in RPi GPIO form factor.

If the Pine64 has matching RPi form factor (at least, GPIO) you are golden for second option (sorry but I can't be arsed to look that up). Smile

I ran that way on living room RPi for a few years, using it mostly for Kodi actually (streaming to main living room TV). But more recently, I finally collected enough 'round tuits' to implement some whole home, synchronized network audio, which was something I have wanted to do for a long time now. Think Sonos, except implemented completely in F/LOSS. It's awesome! I could give more details about that, but maybe you should walk before you run. Smile

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