Pine64 as wireless audio device
Hi all, two out of three of my Pine64 devices are usefully employed. The Pinebook Pro gets most use. It runs the Manjaro kde desktop and has been a really useful tool for all sorts of things. Frequent updates come through from Manjaro - bringing improvements all the time.
The Rock64 works quietly away in the corner. It runs on Armbian Bullseye and has be very reliable, including periodic loss of power. It runs the postfix email server.

Anyway to the point. Pine64. I have seen frequent blogs and how-to's about using the Raspberry Pi for an Audio wireless connection to any speaker.
Can we use the Pine64 for this purpose. I would probably need a dac on it, and power supply. Has anyone done this? Do you see any problems?

The Pine64 is no cost while the Raspberry Pi would be an additional cost for this idea.

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