Android 12 Tablet , Box/Atv
(02-21-2022, 10:08 AM)shaggy013 Wrote: While i was searching for the linux bsp/sdk i saw a sdk for android 12 , so after downloading the 80G of the rk android 11 sdk and comparing
i saw that i got the android 12 rk sdk Smile , so after removing the vendor and adding a quartz64 dts to the rk3566_s , got it compiling and to my surprise it is booting.

# SDK Version

the test in the calculator works (same codes as in android 11 000.= and the 839...) , the videoplayer (not the mediaplayer) plays video , sound i dont know (no speakers Smile ) ,wifi works , bluetooth ?
and not much more it , i have no experience with building android , limo was the last time .

i only post a image wich you can flash with rkdevtool on a emmc !!!

NO POST OF SOURCES ( i dont know how public the source is ,proberly not (think a dev didn't got his setting in git right) compared to the custom linux sdk wich you can find public). and dont see a vendor with android 12 on their devices while there is a sdk for android12 since november last year .

i noticed the codecs are diffrent comapred to android 11 codecs .

so have fun whith the little custom preview Smile
I'm interested on how where/you found this, as I'm trying to get android 12 working on the pine note. If you don't mind sharing privately, please shoot me a dm!

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