how to compile Linux from the SDK ?
(11-17-2021, 03:14 PM)CounterPillow Wrote: Is there any reason why you're picking the BSP Linux? Mainline kernels are pretty far with regards to support at the moment.

Even if you want to use BSP Linux, I recommend you just use the BSP kernel from

BSP isn't my motive.

I have been able to modify an Armbian image from another device to boot on the quartz, and there are mara's excellent SLARM64 images, and the official Mandrake images as well (but none with the older 4.19 kernel, so no HDMI output).

However there is nothing that I can find that I can compile myself from source. I want working, compilable source code.

If anyone can help me to compile something for myself then I would be really helpful.

The boards are supposed to be "open source", but if all that you can run on them are images that other people have compiled and you can't compile it yourself, then is it really open source?

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