Boot Linux on microSD card?
(09-27-2021, 01:12 PM)CounterPillow Wrote: Yes, you have two choices.

For both, you will require a UART adapter. There is no video output.

The pgwipeout image is what I use at the moment. Installing Debian may require you to manually set up your root partition in the installer (it did for me, but maybe I did something weird).


I just tried the Manjaro image and it seems to work well.
Yes I needed a woodpecker adapter.  These instructions worked
Once the config scripts had completed it seemed to enable sshd by default so I can ssh in without the woodpecker

I found that I can leave the eMMC with Android plugged in.
If the sdcard is there then it boots Manjaro from the sdcard, and if it isn't then it boots Android from the eMMC

thanks again.

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