Pinephone IMEI changing info: do you think its OK for a Wiki?
(05-27-2022, 03:47 AM)johnpine Wrote:
(08-24-2021, 10:09 AM)mikeb Wrote:
Quote:Further undocumented AT commands found by the developer megi, who reverse-engineered parts of the modem and its firmware, can be found on megi's website here.

Can you please provide the link to that megi's website? I would like to learn more about it as the "atinout" commands don't work in Mobian...

Edit: If for some reason there is a problem with posting it in public please PM me.

You don't have to use atinout, that's only one of the many tools to communicate with the modem. Easiest if you just run them with modemmanager, but minicom will work too, see

Further AT commands are documented here: (that's megi's website) and in various places here:, the wiki has the links too. Please be very careful about what you run, some of them can permanently or semi-permanently corrupt your modem (firmware).

I'm locking the thread as the original question is answered, please open a new one if there are further questions.

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