Did I brick my RockPro64 somehow?
(07-19-2021, 07:56 PM)snarfel Wrote: ...
Is it possible to brick the RockPro64 somehow by connecting a flashed eMMC while actively running off of microSD?
I guess anything is possible - a very much uncontrolled situation. Although conceivably the eMMC is a removable media and so theoretically it shouldn't be a problem.

(07-19-2021, 07:56 PM)snarfel Wrote: ... it no longer seems to boot fully on microSD anymore ...

Does there seem to be some boot activity (onboard LEDs light etc)?
Perhaps the filesystem on the SDcard is (co-incidentally) corrupt?

PS - if you have left the eMMC connected then of course the boot priority is eMMC first then SDcard unless you do the secret jumper trick
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