Using GPIO interrupts
I've done some more testing and now the behavior is a bit different:

- The pin doesn't generate constant FALLING interrupts when pulled to ground
- However, when I touch the pin while the switch is open, it still picks up EMI and generates interrupts even though I have the 10k pull-down resistor connected, and I also tried it with the built-in pull-down - same results
- When I toggle the switch, the pin bounces (as expected) but generates several RISING/FALLING interrupts in a row (as before)

So my questions now are:
- Why does the pin pick up signals from my body despite the fact that I have pull-down resistors? How can I prevent this from happening? I'm probably asking at the wrong forum, but has anyone had a situation similar to mine?
- Is it normal that I register several interrupts with the same edge in a row? Common sense suggests that I can only get a FALLING interrupt after a RISING interrupt, but instead I get multiple RISING interrupts one after the other. I might be wrong, please correct me if so

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